Bowmar Raffle Sponsorship

 It is time for Bowmar Elementary’s annual Raffle Fundraiser. Each year we continue to be blown away by the love our community and Bowmar families exhibit to our school through the support of our raffle. 

With funds raised this past year, the PTO was able to purchase curriculum for our teachers and students for the third year in a row. Due to lack of Title 1 funding, the school has been unable to purchase full curriculum for several years in a row. We could not be more thrilled to provide this overdue need and plan to use funds from this year’s raffle to continue this necessary provision. 

Also with funds raised last year, the PTO was able to provide a grant to every teacher to purchase items for their classrooms. These teacher grants were used to purchase flexible seating and books in classrooms as well as many other items. It was also used to purchase a greenhouse and simple machines for STEM. 

In years past, we have been able to purchase new technology for our classrooms, provide technology maintenance, provide gift cards for our teachers for classroom items, aid in the upkeep of the building, fund Leader in Me materials and licensing, fund the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports, and the list continues. Many of these items are yearly needs, and we strive to meet as many of these needs as possible on a yearly basis. The support and funds of our PTO are critical to the success of our school. We hope to have another successful fundraising year and cannot wait to invest these needed funds back into our classrooms! Each dollar we raise is a direct investment into the future of our students. 


What we need YOUR help with: 

• Monetary Sponsorship 

• Donations of Goods or Services or selling them to us at a reduced cost 


What you receive: 

• Advertising for your business 

• An invitation to all of our leadership activities

• Pride in helping the students at Bowmar Elementary 


What you should know: 

• Bowmar Elementary School was named the first lighthouse school in Mississippi. 

• Bowmar does not receive Title I money to support the school (PTO and Teacher Funded). 

• Bowmar is the only elementary school in Vicksburg Warren School District that does not receive this money. 

100% of raffle earnings go to support the education of our students 


Important Raffle Dates:

Stay tuned for these dates!


Please fill out the form below by January 10, 2024:

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